Clark Twain, The Infamists, Charlie J. Memphis, Spencer Wharton & The Static Creatures

Clark Twain

The Infamists

Charlie J. Memphis

Spencer Wharton & The Static Creatures

Saturday · April 27th

8:00 pm


The Infamists
The Infamists
"With a sound that is very reminiscent of a younger, earlier prototype of The Sword's style, The Infamists put on a great show in the hot and humid basement of J&J's at this year's Oaktopia Festival. With a strong mix of original tracks and covers, The Infamists gave a varied set that was entertaining and, frankly, exactly what rock 'n' roll is all about. No frills, no BS – rock at its core with good tunes that hit hard when the band needs to and eases off the gas pedal whenever the hell the group wants. In between songs there was a quick, "Hey we're The Infamists and we want you to have good time" but that was about it. Song, boom. Song, boom. Song, boom. No Bono-esque, mid-show speeches or any of that unnecessary mainstream crap. Just three dudes up there playing music for a crowd of happily drunk college kids – and I know I wouldn't have had the show any other way."
-Alex Ancira, Sofa King news.

"Musical expression in Denton is a very popular form of communicating the creativity that the city possesses. Along with the Jazz and Blues festivals, there are always good, free local shows right off the square. As I was scavenging through the Denton musical acts, I came across The Infamists at a show off the square, a three piece with the good ol' riff rock tones that epitomize rock and roll, hard and straight to the point. The Infamists are one of the few bands you can find that exceed your live expectations. They don't mess around and tell you 30 minute life stories in between songs. They saddle up and ride their set-list with a seemingly renewed energy after each song. A band that people often relate them to is Wolfmother, however the two are vastly different in the way they play. If you're a Rock fan, you will enjoy The Infamists. Be on the lookout for their EP coming soon!"
-Chuck Stark, The Notorious Note.
Venue Information:
Lola's Saloon
2736 W 6th Street
Fort Worth, TX, 76107