BRAINHOLE FEST, The Phantom Sensation, Sex Rynos, Bellringer, Kyoto Lo-Fi, Hen And The Cocks


The Phantom Sensation

Sex Rynos


Kyoto Lo-Fi

Hen And The Cocks

Better Now, signals and alibis, Jeremiah Jackson

Friday ยท May 5th

Doors: 2:00 pm / Show: 4:00 pm (event ends at 2:00 am)


This event is 21 and over

Brainhole Tapes was founded by Sammy Kidd to establish a way for DFW artists to get their music heard. Brainhole Fest 2017 is happening May 5 - 7 at Lola's Saloon on the main stage.

3 Days - 30 Bands! Main stage at Lola's Saloon!

--- DAY 1 ---
Event starts - 4pm
Jeremiah Jackson - 5pm
Signals and Alibis - 6pm
Better Now - 7pm
Hen and the Cocks - 8pm
Kyoto Lo-Fi - 9pm
Bellringer (Mark D. of The Melvins) - 10pm
The Sex RYNOS - 11pm
The Phantom Sensation - midnight

--- DAY 2 ---
Event starts - 1pm
Chillamundo - 2pm
Caliche Burnout-3pm
The Confounded - 4pm
House Fire Syndrome - 5pm
The Infamists - 6pm
Dead Words - 7pm
Blands - 8pm
Telemegasounds - 9pm
Dead Mockingbirds - 10pm
I Happy Am - 11pm
Henry the Archer - midnight

--- DAY 3 ---
Event starts -1pm
The Prof.Fuzz 63 - 2pm
Satellite Dream - 3pm
The Fibs - 4pm
Teenage Sexx - 5pm
VVOES - 6pm
Dome Dwellers - 7pm
Picnic Lightning - 8pm
Sealion - 10pm
WAR PARTY - 11pm
Mean Motor Scooter - midnight

18+ $12/Day or $30/full event
The Phantom Sensation
The Phantom Sensation
Based out of Fort Worth, Texas, The Phantom Sensation (TPS) gives a new name to Folk-Punk music; "Blackgrass." This unique genre is a blend between Twangy Folk and Punk/Rock music, often switching gears between traditional sounds and a more gritty feel. Their Southern Gothic narrative tells a dynamic story through a range of emotions and unique settings. Like the soundtrack to a B Horror Movie, TPS embraces "Campy" or "Cheesy" elements, but also thickens the plot by diving into the mindset of a serial killer in the song, "Sink or Swim". They also get socio-political in the song "Another Body for the Fire," that criticizes the witch-hunt mentality of modern day politics that should have stayed in Salem Village circa 1693.
Sex Rynos
Sex Rynos
The Sex RYNOS have one purpose: to blast you with so much rock and roll that their music becomes the soundtrack to your dreams, and your dreams get subsequently way more awesome.

Caleb Cavazos lays down the bass with the perfect blend of rock, jazz, funk, and occasional mohawk-ness, while Gaelan Kefauver delivers an intensely aggressive and slightly suggestive drumming style. The product is a rhythm section so dynamic, it sinks down to your bones, sets up a tent for a few days, and parties like it's Woodstock. Kevin Wellendorf's gritty voice provides your lyrical fix, and his unrelenting guitar sails over it all with gigantic riffs and solos so monstrous, they're rumored to be fighting Godzilla in the next film adaptation.

Together, these dive bar dwellers' sound explodes into your brain and leave it looking like a band's hotel room in the 1970's. You wont know how you just got your world rocked, but you'll know you loved it.
Live vehicle for the music and collaborations of Mark Deutrom,
currently featuring James Flores, Aaron Lack, Wade Morrison, and Brian Ramirez. Video art and graphics by Jennifer Deutrom.
Hen And The Cocks
Hen And The Cocks
'Who are Hen and the Cocks,' you may ask. Well, come and find out. Follow us here on Facebook, and check out some originals on our SoundCloud.
Rock on.
Better Now
Better Now
Venue Information:
Lola's Saloon
2736 W 6th Street
Fort Worth, TX, 76107