BRAINHOLE FEST, Mean Motor Scooter, War Party, Sealion, Picnic, Lightning, Dome Dwellers, VVoes, Teenage Sexx, The Fibs, Satellite Dream, Prof.Fuzz 63


Mean Motor Scooter

War Party


Picnic, Lightning

Dome Dwellers


Teenage Sexx

The Fibs

Satellite Dream

Prof.Fuzz 63

Sunday · May 7th

Doors: 12:00 pm / Show: 1:00 pm (event ends at 2:00 am)


This event is 21 and over

Brainhole Tapes was founded by Sammy Kidd to establish a way for DFW artists to get their music heard. Brainhole Fest 2017 is happening May 5 - 7 at Lola's Saloon on the main stage.

3 Days - 30 Bands! Main stage at Lola's Saloon!

--- DAY 1 ---
Event starts - 4pm
Jeremiah Jackson - 5pm
Signals and Alibis - 6pm
Better Now - 7pm
Hen and the Cocks - 8pm
Kyoto Lo-Fi - 9pm
Bellringer (Mark D. of The Melvins) - 10pm
The Sex RYNOS - 11pm
The Phantom Sensation - midnight

--- DAY 2 ---
Event starts - 1pm
Chillamundo - 2pm
Caliche Burnout-3pm
The Confounded - 4pm
House Fire Syndrome - 5pm
The Infamists - 6pm
Dead Words - 7pm
Blands - 8pm
Telemegasounds - 9pm
Dead Mockingbirds - 10pm
I Happy Am - 11pm
Henry the Archer - midnight

--- DAY 3 ---
Event starts -1pm
The Prof.Fuzz 63 - 2pm
Satellite Dream - 3pm
The Fibs - 4pm
Teenage Sexx - 5pm
VVOES - 6pm
Dome Dwellers - 7pm
Picnic Lightning - 8pm
Sealion - 10pm
WAR PARTY - 11pm
Mean Motor Scooter - midnight

18+ $12/Day or $30/full event
Mean Motor Scooter
Mean Motor Scooter
We're a rock & roll band based in Fort Worth. Our new self-titled EP is out on ITunes and Bandcamp.
War Party
War Party
Since 2011, the retro-minded, punk-leaning lot have used a mix of skuzzy guitars, horns and a dirty organ to wage a two-front war on the music world: on the road, where they’ve spent relentlessly hitting both coasts with like-minded acts like Dallas’ Sealion, and at home, where War Party has been named “Best Punk Band” by the Fort Worth Weekly, and where members of the band have helped foster Fort Worth’s emerging DIY scene through the Lo-Life Recordings label they founded and the Dreamy Life Records brick-and-mortar shop they help run.

In 2015, War Party's "Teenager on Drugs" single was released in a 7" boxset also featuring Texas' own John Wesley Coleman through Windian Records, that saw the band significantly pumping up the Dion & The Belmonts portion of its patented brand of “don’t-wop” – though not at the expense of some of its rougher edges."
-C. Graves (
Art punk from Dallas, TX.

If Jean Michel Basquiat beat the shit out of Norman Rockwell we would be the blood on his knuckles.
Picnic, Lightning
Picnic, Lightning
That restless middle twixt Townes Van Zandt and Pantera.

"Fuzzed-out rock that deftly walks the line between cerebral and unhinged." -

"FURIOUS IMMEDIACY." - Fort Worth Weekly

"Desert rock meets lo-fi punk." - Punktastic
Dome Dwellers
Dome Dwellers
"Dome Dwellers deal in herbal-scented pop music that sounds not unlike Kings of Leon covering the flaming lips in a kettle, surrounded by a plethora of mind-expanding drugs --- Swerving wildly between the twin beaks of psychedelic pop and out-and-out stoner aggression, [Lie Down] it's one of those tracks that can't help to bring to mind the freak-show spazz outs of Sonic Youth at their peak. --- 'Say it ain't so' should be piped in to prisons across the world in order to reduce inmate violence with its charming guitars sounding like a psychedelic representation of Fugazi unplugged, if you can imagine such a thing. With Cullen Dean's bass playing an important role underpinning Michael J Slack's flights of art-rock fancy and David Gore apparently imagining he's in a jazz band, the music takes all manner of unexpected deviations and it's a simple pleasure to try to anticipate what the band will do next. ---They're the sort of band you'll want to play to your friends and the sort of band that will (and deserve to) inspire a loyal following that will undoubtedly cross oceans to see them play live. --- 'Maybe I should have some pride' is a great record that'll leave you with a huge smile on your face – gloriously, wonderfully unique, it has no immediate peers and it's simply a joyous experience from its atypical start to its distortion-laden conclusion." - Sonic Abuse (United Kingdom)
(pronounced "woes/whoas")

The music existed first.

Elijah had written it while Rene was doing Sons of Sierra. Ricky and Tyler were in Bummer Vacation.

Then, the blur of life bent line and color and things were not the same.

Rene remembered the music. The summer was right. Rene, Elijah, Jordan, and Chelsey started ill smiths. Thoughts of drink and smoke and laughing and the music.

Then, the blur of life bent line and color and things were not the same.

Ricky came first because it was necessary, Tyler was soon to follow. The pieces are in place, feels good, sounds good.

The music is coming to life right before our eyes.

The blur is starting to sharpen the line and color and hopefully, when we're gone, things will not be the same.
Satellite Dream
Satellite Dream is an unknown veteran of the Fort Worth music scene. With eclectic punk rock feel and modern grunge its hard not to rock to their music.
Prof.Fuzz 63
The Prof.Fuzz 63 is a Dallas-based lo-fi fuzzed-out garage-folk trio that's been described by one listener as the "love child of Tom Waits and the Supersuckers." Someone else said we sound like the Velvet Underground, "but not as cool as Lou Reed, because, who is?” Yet another critic said we sounded like “1991 Mudhoney with fuzzed out guitars and British Invasion organ.” We're ok with those descriptions. We sing songs about food, sex, kittens, crustaceans, pandas, seduction & disappointment, minnie pearl, and nick cave. You know, the intersections where idyllic fantasies get broadsided by the under-insured 18-wheelers of real life running the red light.
Venue Information:
Lola's Saloon
2736 W 6th Street
Fort Worth, TX, 76107