Bill Bear and The Red Brick Troubadours

Bill Bear and The Red Brick Troubadours

Thursday · June 15th

Doors: 2:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm (event ends at 12:00 am)


Bill Bear and The Red Brick Troubadours
Bill Bear and The Red Brick Troubadours
Bill Bear & the Red Brick Troubadours write, sing and play our own brand of country music…REAL traditional country music mixed with a little blues, rock, and really whatever else “winds our clocks”. We like to think you’ll always hear the ghosts of country music legends haunting the backrooms of our sound. Combine this traditional country reverence with roots completely grounded in our Texas upbringing and take the “3 chords and a cloud of dust” mentality to the music, and you'll get a coming-straight-at-you heartbeat that makes you feel like dancin'.

Bill Bear, born in Hurst, Tx., but grew up in Haltom City, Tx. playing football, baseball, fishing, hunting and eventually picking up a guitar and learning his first song, Merle Haggard’s “Today I Started Loving You Again”. The mother of his very first girlfriend in high school taught him the song and the 3 chords. After a month of wearing out that one song (and everyone else in earshot) and eager to learn more, Bill wrote his very first song using those same 3 chords. (I’m sure Bill’s mom probably still has a cassette tape of that first song).

Bill spent his 20’s playing local bars, honkytonks and dives in the Fort Worth/Dallas area and wherever he could find a gig. His first real band, the guys that stayed together the longest at that time with Bill, were Lead Guitar – The late, Fred Herrell, Bass – Gene Coomer, and Drums – Rick Vasquez. This motley crew formed the band “Roadhouse” and stayed together for almost 6 years before Fred’s untimely passing. Long time friend Willie Ray Terry filled in on lead guitar the last year or so, prior to Bill quitting for about 15 years to be “dad” after his divorce.

In 2011, Bill started playing again and with the help of lead guitar/co-writer Nathan Hausey, and bassist/co-writer/business partner/best friend Robert Campbell, formed the Red Brick Troubadours. Now with Bill, lead player Randy Barnett, Bassist Rodney Scott, and Drummer DeAntae Wofford at the helm, the future is wide open, but rest assured, REAL country will survive in Bill Bear & the Red Brick Troubadours.

Rodney grew up in Santo, Tx. and started playing bass at 11 years old. He played in church while growing up and contrary to some, the building did not burn down upon his entry. He also played music with his brothers while growing up. He took a hiatus after he joined the army, but started back playing again once his term with the army was complete.

Rodney and Bill met out at the stockyards in Ft. Worth while playing various jam sessions on week and weekend nights. After Robert Campbell the original bass player and co-founder of The Red Brick Troubadours, could no longer commit to playing as much with the band, Rodney has stepped right in and picked where Robert left off using his own unique style as only "Rusty" can do.

DeAntae was born in Springfield, Missouri, but moved to Fort Worth before his first birthday (We'll still call him a Texan). He began playing percussion by picking up wooden spoons out of the dishwasher and banging on pots and pans as a toddler. Before long, he got his first drum set around 6 years old and began playing in church by age 8. He continued honing his skill in school band as a drummer throughout middle and high school. After graduating he was introduced to the Texas music scene through a family friend to local Fort Worth musician Phil Wallace.

Bill and DeAntae met through Phil Wallace and eventually started jamming together at various local jams in the Ft. Worth area. Eventually through timing and opportunity, DeAntae became part of the Troubadours.

The bio on Randy Barnett is a fascinating tale of mystery and utter confusion. One story has Randy being born a strong, independent, black woman in the 60's in the Lake Como area of Ft. Worth. But from there, the story fades.....another story is that Randy was actually born a poor, black child in Midland, Tx (gender was not specific) actually back in the 20's. His mother had passed at child birth from the strain of birthing a 6'1" musician (he's never grown from birth) and picking cotton in the cotton fields of West Texas simultamneously. Randy himself was picking cotton as soon as the umbilical chord was cut. He continued this at 15 months old, he found an old guitar by a share cropper's shack. After 2 weeks of pains takingly honing his natural born skill, he left home and the cotton fields to chase his dream of playing some awesome lead guitar in the Ft. Worth stockyards for a bunch of guys with no shoes.

Eventually he started playing in a country band with a crazy eyed, political, comedian, who happened to play bass, a "man child" who played the pots and pans like no other, and a crotchety irishman who was OCD about EVERYTHING....all the way down to how big the squares of toilet paper he used as he "wiped".........and know.....the rest.....of the story......
Venue Information:
Lola's Trailer Park
2736 W 6th Street
Fort Worth, TX, 76107