MC 900 Ft Jesus

MC 900 Ft Jesus

Pinkish Black, The Me-Thinks

Saturday ยท September 2nd

Doors: 9:00 pm / Show: 10:00 pm (event ends at 2:00 am)

$15.00 - $20.00

This event is 21 and over

MC 900 Ft Jesus
MC 900 Ft Jesus
Mark Griffin (born 1957), better known as MC 900 Ft. Jesus, is an American classically trained musician turned rapper and experimental musician. MC 900 Ft. Jesus' music is influenced by hip hop, incorporating many sound samples.

Early Life and Education
The son of an army officer, Griffin moved around quite a bit before settling in Dallas, Texas in 1979. Griffin studied the trumpet and has a BA in Music from Morehead State University as well as an advanced degree in music from North Texas State University.Before becoming MC 900 Ft. Jesus, Griffin played in local Dallas bands The Telefones and Lithium X-Mas.

Hell with the Lid Off (1990) was Griffin's first full-length release for MC 900 Ft. Jesus as well as the first time Griffin had appeared on a major record label. Featuring DJ Zero (Patrick Rollins) and the single "Truth is Out of Style" which gained a cult following.

The following year Welcome to My Dream (1991) was released. DJ Zero appears on Welcome to My Dream under his real name, Patrick Rollins, because of uncertainty about whether he would have been able to tour in support of the album. His subsequent single, "The City Sleeps", was featured in the album in which explored the mind of a serial arsonist.The song sparked controversy in Baltimore when a then ABC affiliate, WJZ, ran a report suggesting that a series of arson in the area was a result of WHFS allowing the song play time.

His final album, One Step Ahead of the Spider, was released in 1994; it contained the single "If I Only Had a Brain", which became his best-known song. The song gained increased exposure from the music video directed for it by Spike Jonze,as well as exposure on MTV's Beavis and Butt-Head cartoon show. Rollins once again appears but is not listed in the credits

In 2007, he began DJing weekly at a Dallas music venue, Lee Harvey's, located in the Cedars neighborhood next to downtown.

Coming Out of Retirement
On November 26, 2016, Griffin announced via Facebook that he was set to perform a show at The Kessler Theater in Dallas with a quartet including Chris McGuire, Greg Beck, and Wanz Dover in hopes of kick-starting a tour as well as a possible fourth album with his former label Nettwerk of which had approached Griffin about.On February 3rd, 2017, the quartet played a sold-out concert performing several of the MC 900 songs, receiving a rapturous ovation.

Griffin's stage name came from a sermon by Oral Roberts, in which the televangelist claimed that he had received a vision of a 900-foot-tall (270 m) Jesus, who commanded him to build a hospital on the campus of Oral Roberts University.

Hell with the Lid Off (1989): MC 900 Ft. Jesus With DJ Zero
Welcome to My Dream (1991): MC 900 Ft. Jesus
One Step Ahead of the Spider: (1994) MC 900 Ft. Jesus
Too Bad / Shut Up: (1988) MC 900 Ft. Jesus With DJ Zero
I'm Going Straight To Heaven: (1989) MC 900 Ft. Jesus With DJ Zero
Truth Is Out of Style: (1989) MC 900 Ft. Jesus With DJ Zero
UFO's Are Real: (1990) MC 900 Ft. Jesus With DJ Zero
Killer Inside Me: (1991) MC 900 Ft. Jesus
The City Sleeps: (1991) MC 900 Ft. Jesus
If I Only Had A Brain: (1994) MC 900 Ft. Jesus
But If You Go: (1994) MC 900 Ft. Jesus
Falling Elevators: (1996) MC 900 Ft. Jesus

"This fellow called Jesus wants to feel insanity, get inside the head of somebody crazed" โ€” Melody Maker, August 1989

(Above text taken from the official Nettwerk "Hell With The Lid Off" press release)
Pinkish Black
Pinkish Black
The early history of experimental duo PINKISH BLACK is as mournful and tumultuous as the band's music. The Fort Worth, TX band originally formed in 2005 as a threepiece doom/jazz project known as The Great Tyrant, but The Great Tyrant never got the chance to release any music โ€“ in February 2010, midway through a battle with technical problems, the band's bassist Tommy Atkins tragically committed suicide, bringing the album's recording and production processes to a halt.

After Atkins's passing, remaining members Jon Teague (drums/synths) and Daron Beck (vocals/synths/ keyboards) set out to redefine current conceptions of heavy music with an unorthodox and forward-thinking synth- driven approach, furthering the work they had started with The Great Tyrant. The band, now a duo, changed their name to PINKISH BLACK in 2010, and released their self-titled debut that same year on Handmade Birds. Pinkish Black was critically acclaimed, as was the band's 2013 follow-up on Century Media, Razed to the Ground. In its review of the former, Pitchfork called PINKISH BLACK "a band that exudes promise," while Stereogum called the latter album "an absolute stunner."

Since Razed to The Ground, PINKISH BLACK have solidified both their confidence and their direction โ€“ they signed to Relapse in December 2014, and have steadily refined their songwriting and style over the course of the last two years. Though usually associated most closely with the metal scene, PINKISH BLACK have demonstrated an unflinching capacity to dip their toes in all sorts of disparate musical markets, from doom metal and industrial to post-punk and no-wave.

October 2015 will see the release of PINKISH BLACK's newest opus, Bottom of the Morning,a 7-track dark music journey that runs the full gamut of influences PINKISH BLACK have touched on in the past as well as many new experimentations added to their palette. From the gothic, horror-movie-esque organ intro of opener "Brown Rainbow" to the wistful, fuzzed-out conclusion of final track "The Master Is Away," Bottom of the Morning is simultaneously dark and catchy, dissonant and melodic, smothering audiences with heavy layers of distorted, repressive gloom that still end up as earworms despite their pessimism. It's as if Scott Walker and John Carpenter were having a bad acid trip with the Melvins, or if someone dipped PINKISH BLACK's ambling, psyched-out space-rock influences in a vat of molten iron. Recorded at Echo Lab Studios in Argyle, TX by Matthew Barnhart and mastered by James Plotkin (Cave In, Electric Wizard), Bottom of the Morning stands to see PINKISH BLACK affirm themselves as one of the most interesting and far-thinking experimental duos currently active.
The Me-Thinks
The Me-Thinks
Self-Proclaimed as "Fort Worth's Shittiest Band"
The Me-Thinks doth protest too much We-Thinks.
Ray an the boys never fail to deliver!
Venue Information:
Lola's Saloon
2736 W 6th Street
Fort Worth, TX, 76107