The Skin & Bones Drum Cult, Programme

The Skin & Bones Drum Cult


Friday · August 18th

Doors: 8:30 pm / Show: 9:30 pm (event ends at 1:30 am)

$10.00 - $15.00

This event is 21 and over

The Skin & Bones Drum Cult
The Skin & Bones Drum Cult
A Gathering of the in-complacent, wild-eyed, beautiful malcontent! SKIN & BONES DRUM CULT Gatherings are of rare occurance, reminescent of a dark, mysterious, sensual and passionate enlivening dream filled with heavy tribal rhythms, soaring violin and native flutes, driving bass and transcendental ambient vocals. THE SKIN & BONES DRUM CULT, a Fiery Explosive Orgasm of Explorative Music is a clergy of musicians bearing stones to the River. Completely original and in the Present Music with no definition and no limitations. Comprised (past & Present) of members of KatsüK, Tarantula Pants, Spoonfed Tribe, Turan, Confusatron, Top Secret...Shhh, 57 Sauce, Rivercrest Yacht Club, Zen Tree, Egress, Trailer Park Princess, Steve Huber and Pablo & the Hemphill 7; THE SKIN & BONES DRUM CULT, an outrageous unthinkable collective of synchronistic opposites. Come.
Program music or programme music is a type of art music that attempts to musically render an extra-musical narrative. The narrative itself might be offered to the audience in the form of program notes, inviting imaginative correlations with the music.

Production music (also known as stock music or library music) is the name given to recorded music that can be licensed to customers for use in film, television, radio and other media. Oftentimes, the music is produced and owned by production music libraries.
Venue Information:
Lola's Saloon
2736 W 6th Street
Fort Worth, TX, 76107