The Gypsy Playboys

The Gypsy Playboys

Urban Pioneers, Clyde McGee

Friday ยท January 26th

9:00 pm


The Gypsy Playboys
The Gypsy Playboys
"The Gypsy Playboys" play a mix of Western Swing, Country, Gypsy Jazz, and Gypsy Rock. PLaying nearly 200yrs worth of music, this hot, young trio harkens back to the roots of Americana, Gypsy, Folk, Jazz, Classical, and rock to bring a fresh new blend of energy charged, hard swinging, melodies and harmonies to fit nearly every occasion. These boys can put on one heck of a show and throw a great party, swing dance, or classy, low key dinner. They can taylor the show to fit your event. Feel free to inquire!
Urban Pioneers
Mix one part Texas fiddle and one part Tennessee banjo, add doghouse bass and a splash of guitar and you have a delicious cocktail for your ears known as the Urban Pioneers. This string band hammers out a variety of original songs that encompass old time hillbilly music, western swing, rockabilly, and even a few gypsy type songs for good measure.
The band stays on the road all over the world for over 250 days a year playing anywhere from large festivals to backyard parties to goat farms
Venue Information:
Lola's Saloon
2736 W 6th Street
Fort Worth, TX, 76107